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About Us
ImmunoWork is an early-stage drug development company aiming to deliver a cure for human autoimmune diseases. ImmunoWork is developing next generation innovative therapies using the well-developed  antibody-drug conjugate approach and patented technologies to address the unmet medical needs in the area of human autoimmune diseases that affect almost every organ system in the body.

ImmunoWork has developed and demonstrated the proof of concept of the technology on the treatment of Primary Membranous Nephropathy (PMN), an autoimmune kidney disease, for patients who had no choice up till now but progressing to kidney failure requiring dialysis and kidney transplant. The new technology has offered a promise for the first time a life-long cure for PMN patients.

Research & Development

ImmunoWork is aiming to deliver a cure for primary membranous nephropathy (PMN), an autoimmune kidney disease. The challenge for PMN treatment is the frequent relapse of the disease after its clinical remission, which leads to kidney failure in ~5-10 years. Once this occurs, patients have no choice but to rely their lives on dialysis and kidney transplant.

There are ~4000 and ~10,000 new PMN cases in North America and Europe each year. In China, PMN has become the first leading cause of glomerulonephritis exceeding the frequency of any other glomerular disease. The total new cases of PMN across the globe are estimated to be over 80,000 per year, and the market size is estimated to be over 1.2 billion.

ImmunoWork has developed a novel technology to specifically target the autoantibody producing immune cells that will result in a life-long cure for PMN patients. This new technology is specific and effective with minimal side effects. There is no similar technology currently available on market.

ImmunoWork developed and owns the exclusive rights of the intellectual property assets including an international patent application, know-how, and trade secrets. The patent application claims cover broad aspects of the scientific and clinical use of the products, present and future.

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